About US

Am Xtreme Sdn Bhd was established in 2019 and owned by muslim/moslem Malaysian and Singaporean .

Meat Solutions

Am Xtreme Sdn Bhd main business involve in meat and lamb supply to few food and beverage outlets such as Morbite and Plato restaurant ( Japanese Restaurant ) and also few frozen shops. The other side of the business which in the pipeline is the production of ready to eat products such as rendang , serunding , beef jerky , burgers and keropok ikan. This is mainly for export and small amount will be distributed domestically.


Our Story

Am Xtreme Sdn Bhd is also involved in selling of the livestocks such as live sheeps from Australia and Indonesia and also live cattle from Australia and Thailand. We did some korban for this year at the DVS Abbatoir in Banting for korban participants and the distribution being done by a tahfiz.

All importation of the beef, lamb and the livestocks being done by AGstock Sdn Bhd. It was established in 2017 and holds the AP ( Approved Permit) issued by the Department Of Verterinary Services ( DVS) from 2017 until now.

The company owned by 100% Bumiputera and it’s main business is importation of beef, lamb and livestocks. This company is the main supplier to Am Xtreme Sdn Bhd for its supply and also a vendor to several chain of hypermarkets such as Hero Supermarkets.

Make Potential Possible

AGstock Sdn Bhd also have a subsidiary, IUB Resources Sdn Bhd a SPV of partnership with Institut Usahawan Bumiputera (IUB) established by MARA. AGstock Sdn Bhd is entrusted to build a Muslim’s chain of importers of beef and lamb local and international. The responsibilities among others is to create the new supply chain from a new sources other then the current countries that being imported . This is because our dependencies on country like Australia is too heavy at the moment and our Bumiputera importer have difficulties to have a good deals in terms of price and the beef specifications.

Why Choose Us

We have the expertise in providing Halal meat-based products from the global meat producers in Australia, New Zealand, India and Brazil. Recently we have JV in place with our Bosnian partner and now pending with DVS Malaysia to get it approved for Halal meat import to Malaysian market. We have successfully penetrated Middle-East markets with our recent JV in UAE-based meat producers. For this, we have partnered with IUB Malaysia as a sole distributor and managing import and export activities throughout GCC countries.

AmXtreme sdn bhd projects capabilities outreach

Dubai , UAE

AmXtreme Sdn Bhd along with Adamz Xtreme Pte. Ltd. of Singapore & IUB (subsidiary of MARA) in cooperation with Enterprise Singapore Dubai Office had participated in GULFOOD 2020 with much success in promoting Bosnian Halal meat to the world from Premium European Breeds such as Black Angus, Limousine, Charolais, Simmental and Belgian Blue.
Meat tasting session that was held throughout the 5 days of the Expo and among in the list of attendees is Honorary Dubai Consulate-General of Singapore , Mr. Low Pit Chen & Enterprise SG Dubai Staff in attendance which all in approval of the quality of the meat.
We have setup ATF Meat & Food Trading LLC in UAE, primarily to import & trade in Bosnian meat & meat products that have been approved entry into UAE by MOCCAE (Ministry of Climate Change & Environment ,a ministry responsible for all imported food into UAE) in end June 2021 & have imported meat cuts samples into UAE twice. This will be a springboard to distribute to Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. We do hope by having ATF Meat & Food trading LLC in UAE, we can register any halal food products in UAE and provide a marketing arm in UAE , GCC countries and beyond.


AdamzXtreme Pte Ltd , a sister company in SG is engaging SFA to look into getting approval of Bosnian meat into SG. Bosnian government to SG government (G2G) process still in progress to gain approval for importing Bosnian halal meat into Singapore.


Having to adhere to a bigger supply chain, AmXtreme Sdn Bhd began to partner with MYAGSTOCK PTY LTD in Australia to strengthen the supply capabilities, as Australia has bigger supplies of cattle and sheep as well as goats to the world market. MYAGSTOCK PTY LTD is already involved in exporting livestock and halal beef & lamb to Malaysia. Have commence sent container of meat to PUNB Msia & in negotiation to deliver monthly. PUNB a GLC supplying meat to entrepenuers in Msia.

MYAGSTOCK PTY LTD has access links to a number of halal abattoirs and Islamic bodies in the whole of Australia. We will be able to manage the Korban ritual in MY according to the required professional conduct when it arise. Whether to import livestock , if necessary InShaaALLAH.

Currently negotiating with abbatoirs in Aus & China GLC on delivering meat to Shanghai.


Initially in 2019 we had ventured into livestock breeding and feedlots of sheep including setting up the first North Sumatra-approved sheep quarantine centre in Batu Bara, Medan, Indonesia to fulfill the demand from Malaysia and now has been offered by a few companies to venture into the Middle East market. Starting with investment in CV Asia Global in Medan Indonesia, the venture had already made multiple exports to Malaysia and made the news in North Sumatra, Indonesia as the pioneer entity to export under the new regulations of strict animal husbandry control and quality requirements. Introduction of a new breed of Dorper sheep into Indonesia livestock farming was recognized by the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture in Sumatra and by the minister himself at federal level. Presently with the prevalence of HFMD of livestock in Indonesia , export of livestock from Indonesia is temporarily banned till all clear given.

Merger & Acquisition
Have acquired a stake in PT Stan Makmur Energik (Jakarta) an importer of meat worldwide & fruits & vegetable from China. We are in taalks with several interested parties which in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture & Ministry of Trade to get approval for Bosnian meat entry into Indonesia.


AM XTREME SDN BHD in Malaysia was setup to handle the supply chain from Thailand / Australia / Indonesia for importing cattle and goats into Malaysia. Our farm in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia can hold up to 1000 of cattle and sheeps/goats at any given time and it is ESCAS-approved by Australian Authorities.

Contract Farming
Ongoing contract farming with groups & individuals on importing live cattle , sheeps & goats from Thailand into Malaysia for the contract livestock farming feedlot. To cater for the demands in for aqiqah & qurban in Johor & Singapore , we have a JV in place with KAF Agrofarm in Plentong,Johor specializing in contract farming, trading & breeding of Boer sheeps.

F & B channel
With a recent JV with our Japanese F&B outlet partner ,we have successfully setting up a premium grade "fusion-concept' steakhouse in Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur .
Besides handling day-to-day F&B businesses , we have a clear direction of having a halal Japanese based meat distribution center providing freshly slaughtered meat for the local market distribution as an extension of our contract farming activities.
In addition to this, we are confident to contribute towards the vibrant local F&B scene in Klang Valley and among our long term plan is to establish a supply-chain solution for restaurants specializing in Japanese , Western menu and halal-based ready to eat retort packaging production.

Have setup a feedmill in Malacca to produce & provide our own animal feed / silage for cattle , sheep & goats to cater for the contract farming needs.
This is inline with our vision to produce quality agrofoods which can be supplied to the local farming community in the long term.

Upstream Meat Products
To realise the vision of HALALAN TOYIBBAN where the whole chain from animal feed till the meat products turn into burgers / sauages / kebabs are halal certified.


In Thailand, talks had started with a few parties including cattle and goat breeders association and also feedlots farmers to venture into long term projects of supplying quality animal products to Malaysia market & for the contract livestock animal supply. The transit and quarantine centre in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand can hold around 5,000 heads of cattle and 2,000 heads of goats at any one time. It is supervised by a Veterinary Doctor from DLD Thailand and managed by an association of cattle and goats breeder.


We have a JV in place with a well known importer /exporter of halal products in West London which will provide us the access to warehouse and supply chain solutions. This will help us in meeting the demands of halal meat products in UK and in the long run can provide us the breakthrough to provide us a suitable platform for halal-based meat products for import/export businesses in Europe,